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Past events

09/21/2022 September General Meeting/ Falling for Fall-Blooming Perennials
09/17/2022 COMMUNITY DAY
06/08/2022 Summer Picnic
05/19/2022 Open Garden Day
05/18/2022 GENERAL MEETING: Flower Arranging/Container Planting
05/16/2022 Trip to the Met Cloisters
05/05/2022 Spring Plant Sale
04/20/2022 GENERAL MEETING: Pollinators In Your Vegetable Garden
03/16/2022 GENERAL MEETING: How to Grow Knockout Dahlias
03/02/2022 Book Club - Finding the Mother Tree
02/16/2022 GENERAL MEETING: Rain Gardens
01/19/2022 The New Heirloom Garden
12/15/2021 Holiday Party: Garden Jeopardy Rematch
11/29/2021 Wreath Making
11/23/2021 Flower Arranging Workshop: Thanksgiving Centerpieces (PM)
11/23/2021 Flower Arranging Workshop: Thanksgiving Centerpieces (AM)
11/17/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Creating Habitat with Native Plants
11/05/2021 Tour of Stone Barns Center
10/20/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Bulbs with Brent & Becky
10/07/2021 Autumn Floral Design Workshop
09/23/2021 TRIP: Frances Palmer's Garden
09/22/2021 GENERAL MEETING (BYO Picnic & Plant Swap)
09/18/2021 New Castle Community Day
06/26/2021 Pollinator Day
06/15/2021 NYBG Field Trip: Kusama Exhibit
06/13/2021 Westchester Pollinator Garden Tour
06/09/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Life in the Studio
06/02/2021 CGC Board Meeting
05/18/2021 Garden Club Walk
05/12/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Photography in the Garden
05/12/2021 CGC Board Meeting
05/07/2021 Teatown Plantfest
05/06/2021 Spring Plant Sale
04/21/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Creating Outdoor Containers That Attract Pollinators
04/07/2021 CGC Board Meeting
03/24/2021 FLOWER ARRANGING: Spring Flowers
03/20/2021 Connecticut Master Gardener Association Symposium - Virtual Garden Symposium
03/17/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Flower Couture
03/16/2021 Zoom Discussion on "The Gardener" with Brewster Carmel Garden Club
03/15/2021 The Native Plant Center 2021 Spring Conference
03/03/2021 CGC Board Meeting
03/01/2021 National Garden Clubs Environmental School (ES) Series
02/17/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Vegetable Gardening
02/11/2021 Plant Sale Committee - KICKOFF MTG
02/03/2021 CGC Board Meeting
01/20/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Maximizing Space in the Garden: Creating More of a Good Thing
01/13/2021 Winter Book Club
01/06/2021 CGC Board Meeting
12/16/2020 CGC Holiday Party
12/02/2020 CGC Board Meeting
11/30/2020 Wreath Making
11/24/2020 FLOWER ARRANGING: Enhance your Holiday Table
11/18/2020 GENERAL MEETING: All About Mums
11/07/2020 Trees for Tribs
11/04/2020 CGC Board Meeting
10/21/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Decorating with Plants
10/19/2020 9th District General Meeting
10/07/2020 Putting the Garden To Bed
10/07/2020 CGC Board Meeting
10/02/2020 CGC New Member Welcome Coffee
09/22/2020 Member Nature Walk
09/16/2020 The Pollinator Victory Garden
09/13/2020 Westchester Pollinator Garden Tour
09/09/2020 CGC Board Meeting
08/12/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Show and Tell *CANCELLED*
07/20/2020 District IX General Meeting: The Art of Pruning
07/15/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Garden Pests
06/10/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Pruning with Confidence
06/03/2020 CGC Board Meeting
05/20/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Nourishing Plant Roots: Keys to Composting and Building Better Soil in your Garden
05/17/2020 Pollinator Friendly Garden Tours *CANCELLED*
05/16/2020 Cornell Cooperative Extension Plant Sale *ONLINE ONLY*
05/15/2020 CGC Member Coffee
05/14/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House *CANCELLED*
05/12/2020 2020 National Garden Clubs Annual Convention *CANCELLED*
05/09/2020 Bartlett Arboretum Plant Sale *POSTPONED*
05/08/2020 Teatown PlantFest *CANCELLED*
05/07/2020 Spring Plant Sale *CANCELLED*
05/06/2020 CGC Board Meeting
04/26/2020 Earth Day Festival *CANCELLED*
04/25/2020 21st Annual WCC Native Plant Sale *CANCELLED*
04/22/2020 Wildflower Wednesday at Bylane Farm
04/17/2020 9th District Earth Day Design Specialty Flower Show *CANCELLED*
04/16/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House *CANCELLED*
04/15/2020 Junior Garden Club *CANCELLED*
04/15/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Cutting Gardens *POSTPONED*
04/01/2020 Rain Gardens *POSTPONED*
04/01/2020 CGC Board Meeting
03/22/2020 New Castle Healthy Yards Environmental Fair *VIRTUAL*
03/19/2020 Flower Arranging Workshop *CANCELLED*
03/19/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House *CANCELLED*
03/10/2020 Nature’s Best Hope: An Evening with Doug Tallamy
03/09/2020 Native Plant Center Landscape Conference: Places for Pollinators
03/05/2020 New Castle Pollinator Pathway
03/04/2020 Junior Garden Club
03/04/2020 CGC Board Meeting
03/03/2020 Nature’s Best Hope: An Evening with Doug Tallamy
03/03/2020 Local Beekeeping Workshop
02/16/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
02/05/2020 Junior Garden Club
02/05/2020 CGC Board Meeting
01/25/2020 Winter Sowing Workshop
01/22/2020 Native Plant Event - Learn From Experts & Order Native Plant Material
01/22/2020 Winter Book Group
01/16/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
01/15/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Landscape Design
01/13/2020 District IX Quarterly Meeting
01/08/2020 Junior Garden Club
01/08/2020 CGC Board Meeting
12/19/2019 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
12/11/2019 Holiday Luncheon
12/04/2019 Junior Garden Club
12/04/2019 CGC Board Meeting
12/03/2019 Wreath Making
12/02/2019 Wreath Making
11/26/2019 Flower Arranging Workshop - Thanksgiving Centerpieces
11/26/2019 Flower Arranging Workshop - Thanksgiving Centerpieces
11/21/2019 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
11/20/2019 Bow and Pine Cone Pick Workshop
11/18/2019 Design Specialty Flower Show Committee Meeting
11/15/2019 A Call to Action: Protecting Earth's Biodiversity
11/13/2019 GENERAL MEETING: Holiday and Special Occasion Tablescapes
11/06/2019 Junior Garden Club
11/06/2019 CGC Board Meeting
10/30/2019 Horticulture Workshop: Bulb Lasagna
10/29/2019 Herb Gardening Workshop
10/26/2019 Native Seed Swap
10/24/2019 Rocky Hills Environmental Lecture
10/23/2019 CGC New Member Welcome Coffee
10/21/2019 9th District President's Luncheon
10/20/2019 ENOUGH: Community Planting Event
10/19/2019 Restoring Gardens: Contrasting Approaches to Historic Garden Restoration
10/19/2019 Putting Your Garden to Bed
10/17/2019 Flower Arranging Workshop - Fall Flowers
10/17/2019 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
10/16/2019 GENERAL MEETING: Ground Cover Plants, Beyond Pachysandra
10/15/2019 Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Victorian Garden Then and Now
10/09/2019 Hermann von Pückler-Muskau: German landscape principles in the American landscape
10/05/2019 Chappaqua Children's Book Festival
10/02/2019 Junior Garden Club
10/02/2019 CGC Board Meeting
09/22/2019 Pollinator Planting Workshop
09/19/2019 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
09/18/2019 GENERAL MEETING: Plant Swap
09/14/2019 New Castle Community Day
09/07/2019 Native Plant Weekend
09/04/2019 CGC Board Meeting
08/18/2019 Pruyn Gardens Open House
07/24/2019 2019 Monarch Monitoring Blitz
07/15/2019 9th District General Meeting
07/10/2019 CGC Board Meeting
06/22/2019 Celebrating National Pollinator Week at the Chappaqua Farmer's Market
06/19/2019 Member Open Gardens
06/12/2019 Spring Luncheon
06/05/2019 CGC Board Meeting
05/30/2019 CGC Tour of Flying Trillium
05/29/2019 Plant Perennials in the Gedney Memorial Garden
05/21/2019 Morsemere Garden Club Flower Show
05/18/2019 Garden Conservancy Open Day
05/16/2019 CGC Vegetable Garden Tutorial at Hilltop Hanover
05/15/2019 General Meeting - Container Planting Demonstration (Daryl Beyers)
05/09/2019 A Spring Peony Celebration
05/09/2019 Spring Plant Sale
05/01/2019 CGC Board Meeting
04/28/2019 Healthy Yards Earth Day Festival
04/25/2019 **NEW DATE** NYC Flower Market
04/10/2019 General Meeting - Horticulture (Lorraine Ballato)
03/20/2019 General Meeting - Central Park Entire (Ken Chaya)
01/16/2019 General Meeting - Winter Landscapes (Glen Ticehurst)
12/12/2018 Holiday Luncheon
10/17/2018 General Meeting - Designing with Nature (Missy Fabel)
09/12/2018 General Meeting - Plant Swap!


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