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Upcoming events

    • 11/29/2021
    • 10:00 AM
    • 12/01/2021
    • 2:00 PM
    • Home of Emma Schifrin

    Wreath making will take place from 10am to 2pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at Emma's house. No prior experience required, we will show you how it’s done! Tutorial to take place each morning at 10:00, or whenever you can come. Stay as long as you like and help make wreaths for the sale, as well as one for yourself. Don’t forget to pre order if you want to take one home with you!

    Address provided in the confirmation email.

Past events

11/23/2021 Flower Arranging Workshop: Thanksgiving Centerpieces (PM)
11/23/2021 Flower Arranging Workshop: Thanksgiving Centerpieces (AM)
11/17/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Creating Habitat with Native Plants
11/05/2021 Tour of Stone Barns Center
10/20/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Bulbs with Brent & Becky
10/07/2021 Autumn Floral Design Workshop
09/23/2021 TRIP: Frances Palmer's Garden
09/22/2021 GENERAL MEETING (BYO Picnic & Plant Swap)
09/18/2021 New Castle Community Day
06/26/2021 Pollinator Day
06/15/2021 NYBG Field Trip: Kusama Exhibit
06/13/2021 Westchester Pollinator Garden Tour
06/09/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Life in the Studio
06/02/2021 CGC Board Meeting
05/18/2021 Garden Club Walk
05/12/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Photography in the Garden
05/12/2021 CGC Board Meeting
05/07/2021 Teatown Plantfest
05/06/2021 Spring Plant Sale
04/21/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Creating Outdoor Containers That Attract Pollinators
04/07/2021 CGC Board Meeting
03/24/2021 FLOWER ARRANGING: Spring Flowers
03/20/2021 Connecticut Master Gardener Association Symposium - Virtual Garden Symposium
03/17/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Flower Couture
03/16/2021 Zoom Discussion on "The Gardener" with Brewster Carmel Garden Club
03/15/2021 The Native Plant Center 2021 Spring Conference
03/03/2021 CGC Board Meeting
03/01/2021 National Garden Clubs Environmental School (ES) Series
02/17/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Vegetable Gardening
02/11/2021 Plant Sale Committee - KICKOFF MTG
02/03/2021 CGC Board Meeting
01/20/2021 GENERAL MEETING: Maximizing Space in the Garden: Creating More of a Good Thing
01/13/2021 Winter Book Club
01/06/2021 CGC Board Meeting
12/16/2020 CGC Holiday Party
12/02/2020 CGC Board Meeting
11/30/2020 Wreath Making
11/24/2020 FLOWER ARRANGING: Enhance your Holiday Table
11/18/2020 GENERAL MEETING: All About Mums
11/07/2020 Trees for Tribs
11/04/2020 CGC Board Meeting
10/21/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Decorating with Plants
10/19/2020 9th District General Meeting
10/07/2020 Putting the Garden To Bed
10/07/2020 CGC Board Meeting
10/02/2020 CGC New Member Welcome Coffee
09/22/2020 Member Nature Walk
09/16/2020 The Pollinator Victory Garden
09/13/2020 Westchester Pollinator Garden Tour
09/09/2020 CGC Board Meeting
08/12/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Show and Tell *CANCELLED*
07/20/2020 District IX General Meeting: The Art of Pruning
07/15/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Garden Pests
06/10/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Pruning with Confidence
06/03/2020 CGC Board Meeting
05/20/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Nourishing Plant Roots: Keys to Composting and Building Better Soil in your Garden
05/17/2020 Pollinator Friendly Garden Tours *CANCELLED*
05/16/2020 Cornell Cooperative Extension Plant Sale *ONLINE ONLY*
05/15/2020 CGC Member Coffee
05/14/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House *CANCELLED*
05/12/2020 2020 National Garden Clubs Annual Convention *CANCELLED*
05/09/2020 Bartlett Arboretum Plant Sale *POSTPONED*
05/08/2020 Teatown PlantFest *CANCELLED*
05/07/2020 Spring Plant Sale *CANCELLED*
05/06/2020 CGC Board Meeting
04/26/2020 Earth Day Festival *CANCELLED*
04/25/2020 21st Annual WCC Native Plant Sale *CANCELLED*
04/22/2020 Wildflower Wednesday at Bylane Farm
04/17/2020 9th District Earth Day Design Specialty Flower Show *CANCELLED*
04/16/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House *CANCELLED*
04/15/2020 Junior Garden Club *CANCELLED*
04/15/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Cutting Gardens *POSTPONED*
04/01/2020 Rain Gardens *POSTPONED*
04/01/2020 CGC Board Meeting
03/22/2020 New Castle Healthy Yards Environmental Fair *VIRTUAL*
03/19/2020 Flower Arranging Workshop *CANCELLED*
03/19/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House *CANCELLED*
03/10/2020 Nature’s Best Hope: An Evening with Doug Tallamy
03/09/2020 Native Plant Center Landscape Conference: Places for Pollinators
03/05/2020 New Castle Pollinator Pathway
03/04/2020 Junior Garden Club
03/04/2020 CGC Board Meeting
03/03/2020 Nature’s Best Hope: An Evening with Doug Tallamy
03/03/2020 Local Beekeeping Workshop
02/16/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
02/05/2020 Junior Garden Club
02/05/2020 CGC Board Meeting
01/25/2020 Winter Sowing Workshop
01/22/2020 Native Plant Event - Learn From Experts & Order Native Plant Material
01/22/2020 Winter Book Group
01/16/2020 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
01/15/2020 GENERAL MEETING: Landscape Design
01/13/2020 District IX Quarterly Meeting
01/08/2020 Junior Garden Club
01/08/2020 CGC Board Meeting
12/19/2019 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
12/11/2019 Holiday Luncheon
12/04/2019 Junior Garden Club
12/04/2019 CGC Board Meeting
12/03/2019 Wreath Making
12/02/2019 Wreath Making
11/26/2019 Flower Arranging Workshop - Thanksgiving Centerpieces
11/26/2019 Flower Arranging Workshop - Thanksgiving Centerpieces
11/21/2019 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
11/20/2019 Bow and Pine Cone Pick Workshop
11/18/2019 Design Specialty Flower Show Committee Meeting
11/15/2019 A Call to Action: Protecting Earth's Biodiversity
11/13/2019 GENERAL MEETING: Holiday and Special Occasion Tablescapes
11/06/2019 Junior Garden Club
11/06/2019 CGC Board Meeting
10/30/2019 Horticulture Workshop: Bulb Lasagna
10/29/2019 Herb Gardening Workshop
10/26/2019 Native Seed Swap
10/24/2019 Rocky Hills Environmental Lecture
10/23/2019 CGC New Member Welcome Coffee
10/21/2019 9th District President's Luncheon
10/20/2019 ENOUGH: Community Planting Event
10/19/2019 Restoring Gardens: Contrasting Approaches to Historic Garden Restoration
10/19/2019 Putting Your Garden to Bed
10/17/2019 Flower Arranging Workshop - Fall Flowers
10/17/2019 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
10/16/2019 GENERAL MEETING: Ground Cover Plants, Beyond Pachysandra
10/15/2019 Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Victorian Garden Then and Now
10/09/2019 Hermann von Pückler-Muskau: German landscape principles in the American landscape
10/05/2019 Chappaqua Children's Book Festival
10/02/2019 Junior Garden Club
10/02/2019 CGC Board Meeting
09/22/2019 Pollinator Planting Workshop
09/19/2019 Garden Therapy at Victoria House
09/18/2019 GENERAL MEETING: Plant Swap
09/14/2019 New Castle Community Day
09/07/2019 Native Plant Weekend
09/04/2019 CGC Board Meeting
08/18/2019 Pruyn Gardens Open House
07/24/2019 2019 Monarch Monitoring Blitz
07/15/2019 9th District General Meeting
07/10/2019 CGC Board Meeting
06/22/2019 Celebrating National Pollinator Week at the Chappaqua Farmer's Market
06/19/2019 Member Open Gardens
06/12/2019 Spring Luncheon
06/05/2019 CGC Board Meeting
05/30/2019 CGC Tour of Flying Trillium
05/29/2019 Plant Perennials in the Gedney Memorial Garden
05/21/2019 Morsemere Garden Club Flower Show
05/18/2019 Garden Conservancy Open Day
05/16/2019 CGC Vegetable Garden Tutorial at Hilltop Hanover
05/15/2019 General Meeting - Container Planting Demonstration (Daryl Beyers)
05/09/2019 A Spring Peony Celebration
05/09/2019 Spring Plant Sale
05/01/2019 CGC Board Meeting
04/28/2019 Healthy Yards Earth Day Festival
04/25/2019 **NEW DATE** NYC Flower Market
04/10/2019 General Meeting - Horticulture (Lorraine Ballato)
03/20/2019 General Meeting - Central Park Entire (Ken Chaya)
01/16/2019 General Meeting - Winter Landscapes (Glen Ticehurst)
12/12/2018 Holiday Luncheon
10/17/2018 General Meeting - Designing with Nature (Missy Fabel)
09/12/2018 General Meeting - Plant Swap!


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