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We need your help!  In order for all Garden Club Members to enjoy our delicious monthly luncheons, ALL ACTIVE MEMBERS are asked to contribute a potluck dish to a general meeting during the year. To streamline this process for our two new hospitality Chairs, each active member has been assigned to bring food to a particular meeting.

If you are unable to bring a dish to your specified meeting, it is your responsibility to trade your date with another member and notify hospitality (Carol Evans or Jordana Nordlicht). The hospitality committee will contact you prior to your assigned meeting with further details.

NOTE:  The food at the September luncheon is provided by CGC board members.


Diane Albert
Victoria Alzapiedi
Karin Antin
Rene Artale
Penelope Bazie
Karen Bazik
Kathy Bentivenga
Alicja Bohmrich
Barbara Cardone
Maria Carvao
Eileen Cassel Herbert
Michelle Chiafulio


Siew Chuah
Nancy Chung
Claudia Comay
Sumy Daeufer
Marianne Dorner
Kathie Du Quesnay
Ruth Ann Elias
Rosemary Eshghi
Carol Evans
Margaret Federici
Margaret Ferguson
Cynthia Gale


Jean Gavril
Patricia Gerard
Melissa Gomez
Nance Greenberg
Chris Greene
Marissa Greenfeld
Karen Hakim
Betty Hotchkin
Betsy Jones
Amoret Jorgenson
Sandy Kellogg
Toni Kelly


Barbara Klein
Lisa Lampe
Aviva Lazarus
Judy Leheny
Suzanne Lindelof
Gail Maniscalco
Cathie Mannion
Gail Markels
Mary Lynn McRee
Sue Meany
Innes Mercean
Erika Miller


Zabeen Mirza
Wendy Nolan
Jordana Nordlicht
Anne Pollex
Gwinne Porter
Peggy Post
Bridget Powers
Jennifer Prizer
Mary Refling
Julia Rellou
Barbara Romeo
Christine Ruscigno


Cindy Sacks
Karen Scharf
Emma Schifrin
Melanie Smith Klein
Katharine Squires
Rita Sydorowitz
Frances Tschinkel
Mara Van Fleet
Marian Williams
Christine Wolff
Lynn Zhang
Laurent Coates

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