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Gardener's Tips for May

05/15/2023 11:17 AM | Innes Mercean (Administrator)

Submitted by Judy Leheny

There has been a glorious display of Daffodils this year.  To keep them healthy for next year, de-bud them as they fade.  Not hard - Using your thumb and index finger, simply snap off the heads behind the swollen seed pod and throw them in the dirt.  The leaves will then divert their energy to building up the bulb instead of the seed. Prune your roses to an outward-facing bud to facilitate an open plant. The rule on roses: “Feed ‘em like hogs and water ‘em like elephants!"  Weed and mulch. Now you can see where you will plant the annuals and perennials that you will just have to have from the Plant Sale.  If you think a plant is over-crowded separate it and donate the off-shoot to the Plant Sale. Then take time to sit and admire the results off your hard work!

On the subject of compost/mulch.  There are lots and lots of ways to make compost.  Herewith, the lazy man’s way:  Take a pile of leaves about 4 feet high and wide, throw some dirt and a little grass clippings on it, empty about three buckets of compost from the dump (think of it as a sour dough starter) and water it well. Once or twice a year turn it over  (stir it).  In a year or two you’ll have delicious soil for your plants.

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