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Gardener's Tips for April

04/01/2023 10:21 AM | Innes Mercean (Administrator)

Submitted by Judy Leheny

Now is the time to fertilize - not only your lawn - but your garden beds as well.  If you have a compost pile, that is the best “medicine” for your garden. Next best is fish fertilizer. Otherwise, a good, balanced fertilizer (5-10-5)  sprinkled around your plants and shrubs will get them off to a good start this season.  

Fertilize your bulbs as soon as they come up (now) and again as the foliage dies down.This may help your tulips come back next year. Prune your roses now to shape them and remove crossing branches. Cut just above an outward facing bud. This will direct the growth away from the center of the plant. Peonies should be sprayed now with a fungicide every week for three weeks to prevent botrytis fungus. 

If you have a slug problem and use slug bait, place it now where slugs tend to do the most damage (Hostas). This kills the adults before they lay eggs that will produce the slugs that will take off in your garden during the summer. Spring in the garden means that everything must be done yesterday. But your efforts will be rewarded come May!

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