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Baked Green Tomato Recipe

11/03/2022 10:25 AM | Innes Mercean (Administrator)

From Sue Meany

It has been a banner year for green tomatoes. My husband, Kent, create a recipe which allows you to bake the green tomatoes in the oven without frying them in a skillet which makes a mess. The clean-up is not fun! 

If you have leftover baked green tomatoes, you can freeze them in in a plastic container in the freezer. Line the bottom of the container with waxed or parchment paper, place the baked tomato slices on the paper with a little room to spare. Add additional sheets of paper to keep the tomatoes from sticking together. Add the final layer of paper before sealing the top of the container. Eat them before next year’s green tomato harvest!

Baked Green Tomatoes


4 large green tomatoes

2 eggs

1/2 cup milk

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 cup cornmeal

1/2 cup bread crumbs

2 teaspoons coarse kosher salt

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

vegetable oil for browning


Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Slice tomatoes 1/2 inch thick. Discard the ends.

Whisk eggs and milk together in a medium sized bowl.

Scoop flour onto a plate

Mix cornmeal, bread crumbs, salt and pepper on another plate

Dip tomatoes into flour to coat

Then dip the tomatoes into milk and egg mixture

Dredge in breadcrumb mixture to completely coat

Either brush or spray the tomatoes with a think coat of oil to help then brown

Place the tomatoes on a sheet pan

Do not crowd the tomatoes, they should not touch each other

Place on a rack in the middle of the oven(or upper and lower third if you're doing two trays

Brown the tomatoes on the first side, approximately 15 minutes

Flip and brown the other side, again, approximately 15 minutes

Drain them on paper towels if necessary.

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